Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Another mask

This is the mask of the horrific mittened killer named Pat, Pat will make a brief appearance in the Hare nor Hide film, dressed up in an annorac and mittens, this is a scene I hope to film soon.

The film itself is moving quite slowly and we probably won’t be able to film any more until the new year, but we are hoping to pick it up again as soon as possible as we are very eager to get back behind the camera.


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Publicity shots

Photographs of the main character, the Princess, we have taken photos of her in our basement set.

Also shown in her hare mask, these shots were taken just to get a perspective and to see how the Princess would work in our set.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Interior- CELLAR

Gas masks, newspapers, and assorted bits of junk are scattered on the dusty floor.
The Princess is huddled in the corner, knees drawn up to her chest, hands clasped tight around them. She’s frightened, but puts on a brave face.
The faint sound of static comes from the darkened stairway.
There is the sound of a door being unlatched, a screeching creak, then heavy booted footsteps.
The Princess stands, slowly and cautiously, her back pressed against the crumbling wall
A hand, clad in a black, fingerless glove, curls slowly around the doorframe. The fingernails are dirty, ragged, and almost black, and the hand explores the brickwork inquisitively.
The sound of static distortion grows louder.
The figure comes into view, black clad, head bowed. The Princess’s eyes are wide, and her lower lip trembles. Her hands are scrunched into tight little fists at her sides.
The figure has the face of an animal. Black, blank eyed, bedraggled. The long ears rise into points. The face of a Hare.
The static rises to a howl- and we see the Princess scream. Silently.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Yet more Gas-masks & grime .

Freshly dirtied up & crusted with unidentifiable residue. The tube was glue-gunned on - three times, as it kept falling off! - and stained with tea, as was the fabric around the edges of the mask. The "crust" is salt, paint, Sculpy given texture with a bristly paintbrush, and varnish. There was already a weird white crust on the metal parts, so I tried to blend the real stuff with the fake as subtly as I could... hope it's nothing deadly... :\ I sanded down the rubber and burned holes with a heated skewer, in order to give a weathered, "war-zone" effect. I promised stitches, but the rubber is too thick, and I haven't got that many needles to waste...


Gas-masks & grime.

I just acquired these amazing things -"5 x Soviet russian USSR respirator gas mask half face" -direct from Yugoslavia, along with a "russian gray rubber gas mask hose tube". With a little paint, varnish, Sculpey and the appliance of stitches, used tea-bags and a glue-gun, I should have a creepy "Hare-constructed" Speaking Apparatus by the end of the day.
In the planned scene, this will be used on the Princess by the Hare Tribe. She will be dragged to a patch of waste-ground and sedated, prior to a bit of amateur surgery; having a grimy tube inserted into an incision in her throat and the Speaking Apparatus forced over her nose and mouth. This allows the mute Princess to communicate with the Hares- through song...


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Mask fit for a Princess

Made by Simon, from papier-mache, sculpey, toothpicks, and string.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chloe Howley becomes "The Howley"

Today we filmed the "Howley" scene. We only got abused by chavs once, surprisingly, as the scene was filmed in Hanley Park. In this scene, The Howley attempts to give the Princess advice, but just confuses her with its fluttering, head-bobbing, and hooting.

Scene directed by Kyle B.
Makeup by Simon M, assisted by Jess E. 
Miss Howley was assisted on set by Lizzie M.
Interviews and documentation provided by Zack W.