Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Gas-masks & grime.

I just acquired these amazing things -"5 x Soviet russian USSR respirator gas mask half face" -direct from Yugoslavia, along with a "russian gray rubber gas mask hose tube". With a little paint, varnish, Sculpey and the appliance of stitches, used tea-bags and a glue-gun, I should have a creepy "Hare-constructed" Speaking Apparatus by the end of the day.
In the planned scene, this will be used on the Princess by the Hare Tribe. She will be dragged to a patch of waste-ground and sedated, prior to a bit of amateur surgery; having a grimy tube inserted into an incision in her throat and the Speaking Apparatus forced over her nose and mouth. This allows the mute Princess to communicate with the Hares- through song...


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